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 Is FourSquare a burglarís new best friend?

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PostSubject: Is FourSquare a burglarís new best friend?   Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:05 am

Several months ago, I wrote about how social networking sites has made online scamming much easier. It seems the benefits have gone beyond the internet and is actually now visiting homes and parking lots.

A recent report showed over 50 homes were hit by burglars for the month of August. And thatís just for the town of Nashua in New Hampshire alone. Apparently, the burglars were using social networking sites like Facebook to scout for homes to target (thatís how effective Facebook Places is).

The combination of Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare could be enough to profile you ó FB profile photos for identification (most probably a photo of your car as well), Twitter updates for current activity and FourSquare to identify location.

Facebook Places isnít available in the Philippines but Iím seeing a growing number of people (including me) using FourSquare to broadcast their locations to the public. Couple that with some harmless comments on Twitter or FB Status and youíre all set to be robbed.

The target doesnít need to be your home or apartment. It could actually be you or your car. They could be waiting for you at the parking lot, stage the car-jack and take you along to the nearest ATM. This isnít an unlikely scenario at all ó Iíve heard of many victims that went thru this same exact M.O and the culprits didnít have Facebook or FourSquare as accessory to the crime then.

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Is FourSquare a burglarís new best friend?
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