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 Do you put a premium on the mouse?

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PostSubject: Do you put a premium on the mouse?   Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:23 am

I think one of the most neglected devices in a computer (especially the desktop PC) is the mouse. As a pointing device itís one of the most used peripherals (more often than the keyboard) in the PC. I always have uneasy feeling whenever I see someone using a defective mouse.So I wondered, ďdo people put a premium on the mouse as a pointing device?Ē

I think for a segment of the population ó i.e. graphic designers, hard-core gamers and the likes ó the answer would be a big yes.

I, for one, love using a huge trackball ó particularly the Logitech Marble Mouse. I think itís very accurate and more comfortable to use. Besides, itís not that expensive either.

I think the most expensive mouse Iíve ever spent on was around Php3,500 for a Logitech MX1000 (which was damaged after a single charge due to voltage problems).How about the rest? How much do you spend for a mouse and which type do you prefer to use?
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Do you put a premium on the mouse?
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