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 Does AMD have a brand perception problem?

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PostSubject: Does AMD have a brand perception problem?   Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:42 pm

While talking to one of the computer manufacturers recently, they shared that they have a hard time selling premium laptops when itís powered by an AMD processor. The issue might have to deal with market perception of the brand.

When the topic was raised, a lot of my friends in the media thought it was due to the decade-long perception that AMD processors heat up so fast. Actually, thatís not a problem any more (but the notion still persists up to now) but more like consumer tolerance on pricing.

The bottom line ó itís very hard to sell the Phenom brand at top tier prices, unlike the Core i5 or i7 series. And to think Intelís new CPU brands are way younger (now we know that marketing is such a huge deal when it comes to brands). So people are willing to shell out tens of thousands of pesos for laptops with the Core i5 and Core i7 brand but would not do the same if it were an Athlon or a Phenom.

However, thereís a sweet spot ó for laptops at under Php30k price tag, people have no problem with AMD processors. In fact, laptops with Athlon or Phenom processors sell like hotcakes as long as theyíre cheap. Thereís a segment in the market that are actually AMD fans (they say itís the TipidPC market and it makes sense since those are people who really look for value for their money).

Hereís my question ó when was the last time you bought a laptop with an AMD processor in it?

Posted by: YugaTech
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Does AMD have a brand perception problem?
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