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 What if smartphones did not exist today?

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PostSubject: What if smartphones did not exist today?   Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:43 am

Back in the days, whenever a new phone was released in the market, people would almost always look at the design and form factor as a basis for their purchase. Today, the mobile OS plays a major role on a handsetís marketability.

The OS dictates whether a handset is a smartphone or not so what if we didnít have them in the first place? Imagine a world without iOS, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry OS, WinMo or Symbian?

That leaves us with more affordable feature phones, handsets that does two things best ó making calls and texting.If thatís the case, I think the story of the mobile market is much different.

To give us an easier way to see at how that picture looks like, Iíd go and check whatís the most common secondary phone people use these days. The second handset is usually there as a back-up and basically used to make calls or text messages.

So letís put the curiosity to the test and do a little survey here ó if smartphones were non-existent, which feature phone would you be using today?
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What if smartphones did not exist today?
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