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 HiSense Mini HB200M Headset

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PostSubject: HiSense Mini HB200M Headset   Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:52 am

The guys from Digital Hub sent this little Bluetooth headset earlier this week (a HiSense Mini HB200M Headset) and Iíve been told that itís one of the most interesting models around.

Iíve seen the HiSense brand in stores for sometime now but havenít had any interest since I already got a couple of headsets around.

Itís one of those gadget accessories where once you have or been using one, you tend to not look for anything better unless it gets broken or lost (I have a very old Jabra and a tiny Motorola headset).

Still, the HiSense Mini HB200M Headset deserves a second look ó itís small and lightweight, has a functional build and some interesting features aside from the usual functions youíd normally expect from a regular headset.

So what comes in the box? You get the bluetooth headset with a removable ear clip, 3 earbuds you can switch around depending on which size is most comfortable for you, another in-ear bud, a cord, magnetic clip and USB charger.

HiSense Mono Headset (Mini HB200M)
Bluetooth 2.1
5.5 hour talk-time
150 hour standby time
7.5 grams

The cord and the magnetic clip pairs to become a pendant of sorts and the headset attaches to the clip via a small but strong magnetic head. That way, when youíre not using the headset, you can take it off and just wear it around your neck.

Actually, whatís more interesting interesting is that the HiSense headset allows you to pair and connect to two (2) mobile phones at the same time. Great for when you carry two mobile phones around since you donít have to manually disconnect from one and re-connect to the other one.

The HiSense Mini HB200M Headset retails for Php1,950 in stores. However, our friends from will be launching on Thursday and offer this model at 60% off! Thatís down to just Php798 from an already affordable Php1,995 price. Check and sign up for the alert when the sale happens in Thursday, November 11.
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HiSense Mini HB200M Headset
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