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 LG Optimus One Preview & Sale FAQ

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PostSubject: LG Optimus One Preview & Sale FAQ   Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:37 pm

Due to insistent demand, we had to squeeze in this little Optimus One preview and personally asked reps from LG Philippines regarding the mechanics of the sale tomorrow. Hereís what we got so far.

The sale was intended by LG as a way for the consumers to get a taste of an Android-powered handset at a very, low price. Theyíve actually subsidized the 50% so this is a ďpalugiĒ sale. The idea is to increase awareness towards Android and should pave the way for more LG Android phone buyers in the future.

As for the sale, hereís what I gather from the LG rep:

1) The sale will only happen from 2pm to 3pm. No extensions. No reservations. Even LG employees, resellers and their relatives are not allowed to join the sale. Not even the media got special treatment. Itís every man for himself. *heh*

2) Only one Optimus One per buyer. This will prevent hoarding and re-selling of units after the sale.

3) LG reps will be there as early as 10am, when the mall opens. They will hand-out numbered claim stubs to those who come in early. The claim stubs do not guarantee you can buy during the sale period. Itís only to make sure whoís in line first. (Update: Theyíll start giving away stubs by batches starting 2:00pm and all those whoíve gotten stubs until 3:00pm will be able to get their discounted handsets. I think this is a clearer process.)

4) There is not hard limit on the number of Optimus One they will sell as long as it is in the 60-minute window. There will be more than 1 counter (around 3 if I remember right) to process the sales.Again, Iíd like to stress that thereís a risk you might not get a unit even if youíre early. I donít think they can process more than a thousand orders in 1 hour. My estimate is 1 minute per customer x 3 counters x 60 minutes ó thatís around 180 units sold in 1 hour. Thatís already a best-case scenario IMO. This is to keep everybodyís expectations in check.My suggestion to everyone is ó (1) skip the opening and inspection of your units since you have warranty anyways; (2) bring exact cash/change and (3) avoid credit card payments. This will save more time for more people to get in line and grab a unit. Be cooperative and plan it well with people in your line. Less hassle, less trouble when getting your Optimus One.

Okay, now that the reminders and tips are in order, hereís a short video I shot of the LG Optimus One this afternoon.The handset is pretty solid, large-enough capacitive screen thatís responsive and snappy. LG added a UI layer they called the Optimus UI. There are 7 home screens but you can set this between 5 or 7 anytime. The Live Wallpapers work smoothly.

Itís a little thick on the side but tapers a little bit towards the edges. The 3MP camera is decent, not very good but not bad either. So is the video recording.

My take is that itís a must buy to all Android fans.

P.S. As for the competing Nokia C6 sale, my opinion is that it also works in the advantage of LG since those who cannot make it for the Optimus One can still spend it on the C6. That should give potential frustrated LG buyers some consolation.
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LG Optimus One Preview & Sale FAQ
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