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 The Best Gadgets of 2010

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PostSubject: The Best Gadgets of 2010   Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:44 pm

The year 2010 is closing in and looking back in the last twelve
months, there were tons of new products introduced this year. Iíve got
my line of favorite gadgets this year but I also like to get the readers
opinion which are the best products were introduced in 2010.

From notebooks to cellphones and other tech toys, thereís just too
many to choose from and the contenders are pretty competitive too.

Apple introduced a slew of new devices ó from the iPhone 4 to the iPad and the latest Macbook Air.

The year 2010 can be considered the year of the Android with HTC,
Samsung, Sony-Ericsson and LG bringing in more than a dozen Android
smartphones combined.

Tablets also came into the scene with the Galaxy Tab trying to steal
the thunder of Appleís iPad. Archos brought in more affordable models
while local brands like Cherry Mobile and RedFox joining the fray. That
doesnít include a host of other China-made iPa-wannabe Android tablets.

In the laptops and netbook category, weíve also seen dual touch
screens like the one from Toshibaís Libretto. Intel also introduced
dual-core Atom processors making netbooks more capable. The big-ass
gaming laptops never ceases to amaze too.

Thereís also the LED TV and the 3D TVs ó pretty expensive but pretty
cool too. Digital camera have made their mark too with Canon, Nikon and
Panasonic slugging it out.

In the game consoles, Iíll have to hand it over to Kinect. Donít
think thereís anything more fun to play with sine the Nintendo Wii was
first introduced.

So letís put this to a vote. What are the best gadgets thatís been
introduced in 2010? Please leave your vote in the comment section below
and try to limit your nominations to a maximum of 5 specific models.
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The Best Gadgets of 2010
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