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 Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999

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PostSubject: Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999   Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:15 pm

Sky Broadband is set to launch a new offering for their internet service ó a special broadband plan of (up to) 5Mbps at only Php999 a month with a 15GB cap.

Now that looks like a very attractive offer if youíre not really a
heavy user and donít spend a lot of time surfing at home (mostly people
checking emails, FB and Twitter with a little bit of YouTube now and

Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users donít
really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month, then this alternative
plan is for them.

If you think you use more than this amount of bandwidth, then you can
still stick to the un-capped (or unlimited) bandwidth plan at 1Mbps for
Php999 a month. People now have more choices which plan fits their
usage pattern.
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Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999
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