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 Is it Bada or Bust for Samsung?

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PostSubject: Is it Bada or Bust for Samsung?    Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:48 pm

The recent news from the Samsungcamp is that they are going to drop support for the Symbian OS by end of theyear. Instead, Samsung is concentrating its effort on promoting itís ownhome-brewed OS called Bada.
While thatís to beexpected, Samsung is also working with the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and AndroidOS for their future handsets. The move might imply that Samsung is looking atSymbian as the closest competitor to their own Bada platform.
The last handset made by Samsungthat runs on Symbian was way back in February of 2009 and the only time I sawone was with the Omnia HD i8910.
On the other hand, aside from the Samsung Wavetwo new Bada-powered phones are coming out this month (Samsung S5330Wave 2 Pro & Samsung S5250 Wave 2).
During the last Bada DeveloperSeminar with Samsung, they indicated that their Bada OS will be targeted moreto their mid-range handsets giving way to Android for the high-end units.The strategy makes sense and Samsung is betting heavily with Bada. Itwill be up to the developer community if the effort is well worth it. You guysthink itís Bada or bust for Samsung?
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Is it Bada or Bust for Samsung?
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